TT eSPORTS Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

From a marketing viewpoint the name is non-starter, there would have been nothing wrong with just “TT” or “Challenger Pro”.Firstly and probably most importantly for gamers the TT eSPORTS Challenger is equipped with ten macro keys that can be individually programmed to suit whatever actions the user needs them to do within a game. It has backlighting, and although you are not able to change the color, which is red, you can adjust the intensity of the LED’s that transmit the light.Like a handful of its competitors the TT eSPORTS Challenger has its own in built memory chipset, which is a reasonable 64 kilobyte, and it is this memory that allows for the storage of up to forty macro key combinations, as well as allowing four different game profiles to be stored also, which of course allows you to switch easily from one mode to another, and should be more than enough for most gamers, although they can be a little restrictive in practice.

An LED changes color to let you know which profile you have selected, but unfortunately you will need to memorize what color works which profile.The macros for the Challenger can be set up directly without the need for software on your desktop, this feature is quite useful as will will not use up any memory resources on the keyboard, and there is also a very handy feature that allows for the macros to be timed.There is also an integral cable management system, which is a long winded way of saying your wires fit neatly out of the way underneath the base.This TT eSPORTS Challenger uses membrane keys but these are quite crisp to use and not at all mushy, Themaltake also have a mechanical keyboard available too this is called the Tt eSPORTS MEKA Ultra-Compact and it retails for about twenty dollars more than the cost of this model.The rear edge contains two USB ports as standard on this unit, the connecting cable, which is quality braided, is about six feet in will also get a bag included to carry this unit about with and a separate one for the cables.

The Challenger Pro is competitively priced, whether or not it can force its way into the market dominated by Logitech, Razer and Steelseries remains to be seen, and only time will tell whether this keyboard can live up to expectations, on the face of though, it seems to be a competent piece of equipment, well built and sturdy and very heavy, the base is fitted with some nice chunky rubber feet to help prevent slippage.In this price range there are a few other models you might want to consider, the Cyborg V7 is available, shame this models has been subjected to a really big hike in price, then for around the same price is the Logitech G110, and for around ten dollars less there is the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 which is still going strong, as is the Razer Lycosa.One last thing of note that the TT eSPORTS Challenger has that other keyboards do not possess is a tiny electric fan, about 30 mm square which plugs in to the top left or right hand corner of the keyboard with the purpose of keeping the hands free of sweat during heated battles, if you are prone to sweating hands this might prove useful if not it can be left unfitted, it has to be said though this fan does not appear to be powerful enough to be of any real use and therefore seems a little gimmicky, but some people may find it useful.As gaming keyboards go this is a good, well built device, and its features and price make it an attractive alternative to what is currently available, definitely worth consideration if you are looking for something a little different. Works with Windows OS – Windows 7/Vista/XP